You Can Try These 4 First Aid Steps For Broken Teeth

Broken or cracked teeth cannot be handled alone at home. You need direct treatment by a dentist or medical staff in the emergency room. The sooner your teeth are returned to their original position by a professional, the better the chance of their teeth gluing on their gums and roots. We also recommend you to visit the best dentist Beaverton if you wish to get the best treatment for your broken teeth.

While waiting for action from the dentist or medical staff, make sure you have taken the following first aid steps.

1. Find and clean broken teeth

If your teeth break and fall, clean them with water and put them back in their original position. Give pressure so that the teeth are sticky enough. If the teeth can not stick back, soak the teeth in white milk or warm water and take it to the doctor. If you can’t find your teeth, prop the gums with sterile gauze.

2. Gargle with warm water

While pressing on a broken tooth with a tongue or finger, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean up the remnants of blood or dirt. The point is to prevent infection. After gargling, bite down on a soft handkerchief to hold your broken tooth in position until you reach the dentist or emergency room.

3. Overcoming bleeding and swelling

If a broken tooth causes bleeding, press it with sterile gauze. If there is no gauze, hold it with a soft cloth or handkerchief that has been dipped in cold water.

If the gums feel swollen, immediately compress with ice. However, do not directly attach ice cubes to the gums because it can cause tissue damage. Wrap the ice cubes in a soft cloth first.

4. Relieves the pain

In order to reduce pain, you can take pain medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. You can also gargle with warm water mixed with salt to help relieve pain.

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