Ventilation Systems And Plants Can Improve Air Quality In Your House

Ventilation is made to reduce the humidity in the house. Make ventilation in certain places such as rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The presence of ventilation allows steam to come out of the bathroom, preventing mold growth. Ventilation also allows for air exchange and reduces the level of nitrogen dioxide produced from gas stoves. In the meantime, if your air duct is damaged, we suggest you call the best Columbia SC hvac company.

The air outside the house can indeed make the house become dusty. However, make no mistake, opening a window in the morning can refresh the air inside the house while reducing the humidity of the air with the incoming light. The trick, after closing the window, then you can sweep or mop the floor.

In addition, unlike plastic flowers, ornamental plants not only beautify your home but also make the air inside the house cleaner. This can be an alternative if your home is not ventilated enough or want to be more efficient by not using a humidifier.

There are some air purifier plants that you can put in the corner of a room, on a wall shelf, or hang near a window. For example, palm plants, lilies, spider plants (chicken feathers), aloe vera, or ferns. These plants can get rid of carbon dioxide so that more oxygen. Even these plants have the potential to reduce chemicals from gas stoves.

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