Trim Messy Documents

Inside the house, piles of documents may not only be scattered in the workspace but can also be scattered in various places. Storage spaces that can be used to store other goods are filled with proof of payment paper and photocopies that should not be stored. Maybe this is the right time for you to search for 迷你 倉 and you rent it to save the documents.

In addition, how to tidy up documents is also different from other items in the house. These important papers cannot be kept as long as they are stored in drawers and storage cabinets, a special strategy is needed to sort out what is important, is not too important, and does not need to be stored anymore.

1. Save the most important and determine how long
Often you just save your payment documents and bills without reading or opening them. Usually, this starts with your doubts about whether you will need the document or not later. However, not all papers need to be stored forever.

Payment bills, annual investments, and contract letters can be kept for some time, such as a contract letter that should only be kept for the duration of the contract. While valuable and personal documents such as land titles and ownership of property, birth certificates, diplomas, and marriage certificates are documents that need to be properly guarded for a long time.

2. Destroying documents that are no longer in use
Also separate storage space for temporary papers that will be stored with important documents that are stored forever. Important documents need to be placed in a storage room that is safe from insects and hazards that can damage these papers, such as fire and water, but the storage room must also remain easily accessible.

Documents to be disposed of should be destroyed in advance with a paper shredder, especially for paper with an identity number, passcode, signature, and personal history data. Destroying this type of document avoids you from possible identity theft. The remainder of the paper chips can be recycled into organic waste fertilizer.

3. Store in one storage room
Try to provide a place at home to store all the important documents. The more scattered the storage area, the more difficult it is to find it. Use cabinets that have many drawers to store documents so that each different category can be separated in different drawers.

Storage space in one drawer can also be maximized by grouping similar documents in one folder, so one drawer can store several categories at once. Label each folder according to the category name to make it easier to find.

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