There Are Some Applications That Have Relation With E-Commerce

The term e-commerce itself stands for electronic commerce, where the distribution, sale, purchase, and marketing of goods and services are carried out through electronic transactions without the seller and buyer must meet face to face. The introduction of goods and services can be via the internet or television. For some time now that is rife in various countries in the world is an online shop that relies on the internet and social networks in promoting the goods and services offered. Where in this e-commerce demanded high trust in the process of buying and selling, because the seller and the buyer do not meet each other face to face. E-commerce can also involve electronic data transfer, automated inventory management systems and automated data collection systems. E-commerce is also the application of e-business related to commercial transactions. In the meantime, if you’re also looking for a way to make your online store page loads quickly, we recommend you to try some Shopify Themes That Loads Fast.


Some applications related to e-commerce are e-mail and messaging, content management systems (CMS), documents, spreadsheets, accounting databases, and financial systems.

In e-commerce, CMS web can facilitate its users in managing data. In web services, there is such a thing as CMS Plaza web services aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Where a professional web template design is ready to use with a variety of service options that are ready to be adapted to business and business needs. This CMS service also provides solutions to meet the needs of making websites that can be customized according to the company’s budget. CMS Plaza also makes it easy to manage content updates, images and more on web pages online wherever and whenever with real-time updates.

In its development e-commerce itself has evolved over time where initially the use of commercial transactions such as the use of EDI (electronic data interchange) to send commercial documents such as purchase orders or invoices electronically then developed into web trading through secure servers https, a special protocol that uses encryption to keep customers’ important data confidential.

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