New Drivers Must Know This Before They Drive Cars With Automatic Transmissions

Car driving skills can indeed be said to be quite easy but it should not be considered trivial. The reason is when you drive an automatic car on the road, then all the possibility of danger will arise if you are not vigilant and concentrate. Therefore it is very important to know how to drive an automatic safely. Meanwhile, if you wish to rent a high-class automatic car, you can visit to hire one.

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How to drive an automatic car is not as difficult as driving a manual car. Because you do not need to worry or concentrate on the car gear settings. Because of its simplicity, this makes many people, especially those who are beginners, choose the latest automatic car. Especially now that the technology and features in automatic cars are more sophisticated and the safety features are more complete. Before you learn how to drive an automatic car, it is good to know in advance Matic Car Gear.

How to drive an automatic car that you need to know in advance is the term and the number of pedals it has. Because the automatic car is different from the manual in terms of the number of pedals. If the manual car has 3 pedals, while the automatic car only has 2 pedals. For more details about how to drive an automatic car, please refer to the information below:

Make sure the gear lever is first in position P.

Then step on the brake pedal.

Only after that start the engine.

Wait a few minutes for the car engine to warm up or slightly.

In order to advance, please move the lever to D1 to move forward.

If you want to step back, please move the lever to R, remember when stepping back your foot is in the state of stepping on the brake pedal.

Slowly release the brake footing and gradually move forward.

If you already understand, please step on the gas until the car is traveling at a standard speed.

If you want to increase speed please move the gear lever from D1 to D2 or to D3.

It’s important to remember, you have to get used to the position of the foot stepping on the brake pedal when shifting the gear lever.

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