Myths Can Be Warnings About Black Magic Since Ancient Times

Black magic or more often referred to as witchcraft is a type of magic to control nature through supernatural powers or through paranormal. In many cultures, black magic is irrational science for science. However, in social life, people are often found. This is closely related to culture so that the story of black magic is included in the mythology group. Myth gives direction to humans in their behavior and is a guide to human wisdom. Through myths, humans can take part in surrounding events and can respond to the forces of nature. That’s why some people tend to learn some myths in order to prevent themselves from being harmed by evil people who use black magic. Furthermore, if you feel like you are a victim of sorcery, we recommend you to try to remove black magic as fast as possible.

Then the myth is a cosmogony because there can be described objectively a natural event that takes place at any time by looking for the cause in nature itself.

In other words, myths are stories about events that helped shape the world and nature of moral actions and determine the ritual relationship between humans and nature or with existing powers.

The main function of myth is not to explain or tell and expose the chronology of historical events in the past and not to express the fantasies of the dreams of a society. He aims to provide a basis for the beginning of a glorious past to be repeated in the present.

He revealed, lifted and formulated beliefs, protected and strengthened morality, ensured the efficiency of the rite, and provided practical regulations to guide humans. It’s because of that myth is the power that pre-empts society itself. He and religion as an organized whole play an important role in social life.

Experts explain myths differently according to their studies and perspectives. For Malinowski, the myth is not merely a story that is told but also a reality that is lived. Carl Gustav Jung saw that myth has a vital meaning and is the mental life of the community itself. While Mircea Eliade understands myth as the appearance of creation and interprets the reality of myth as a reality and sacred history.

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