How to Shave a Dog

As a good employer, maybe you feel the need to shave dog hair when the weather is very hot. Actually, dog hair doesn’t need to be shaved at all. Even if absolutely necessary, this should be done by a professional. However, if you insist on shaving your pet dog’s hair, be sure to do it carefully and attentively for the sake of your friend’s safety.

You need the best dog grooming clippers, a comb mounted on a shaver, brush, and lubricant. Buy a special shaver for dogs in a pet store or salon. If your dog is easily shocked by noise, test various shavers to test his voice. Choose the quietest sound. Buy a comb E. This comb is designed to leave a few inches of hair; Recommended length for dog hair.

Shave the hair in the direction of growth. If the hair is shaved opposite from the direction of growth, the results will be ugly. Do it gently and carefully. If you don’t know where to grow your fur, take a card and brush it along the dog’s fur. If the fur is picked up and pulled back by a card, you sweep the opposite direction of a growing fur. Thus shaving should be done in the opposite direction.

Start from a sensitive area. Over time, the dog’s patience will decrease. Start with the parts that are difficult to achieve before proceeding to the easier parts. Shave the armpit area. Have the dog stand up then raise his hand in a comfortable position. Shave the hair on the armpit and repeat it on the next armpit.

Shave the groin area. Lift the dog’s legs like when in the bathroom. Shave the dog’s inner leg hair. Thus, dog hygiene is maintained when it is necessary to use the bathroom, especially in long-haired dogs. Repeat on the other leg. Shave the buttocks area. Raise the dog’s tail and shave around the buttocks. Here the dog’s cleanliness is maintained again when using the bathroom. Do it carefully. Shave the remaining area. Start from the back of the head, and continue to the neck, then to the back, finally on both sides of the dog’s body. Shave the abdomen carefully and remember, hair should be shaved in a direction away from your hands.

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