Constraints When Learning English

Maybe you really want to learn to speak English and even live in England. But for a long stay in the UK, you have to pass the a2 english test selection, which is even very difficult to do. Learning English is indeed not easy, especially when there are many obstacles encountered when studying so that it makes us not quick to speak English british life skills. Well, the obstacles include:

1. Not Confident

This is a difficulty learning English that often happens to everyone who wants to learn English. Why? As you already know, there are still many people who often say pretentious English when their friends speak English in front of them. It gives a bad impact on people who are eager to learn English.

2. Wrong learning method

You should also pay attention to the method of learning English, otherwise, you will have difficulty learning English. As you know, different types of learning of people are different, so try to find a method that makes you comfortable and quick to understand when you are learning English.

3. Limited time

Do not have enough free time to learn English. Maybe some of you have worked or are still in school or college and you don’t have time to study because there are so many assignments from your bosses and lecturers.

4. It’s hard to memorize English vocabulary

Because there are too many English vocabularies, you might have difficulty in this. As you know, English is a language that has quite a lot of vocabulary and an increase in new vocabulary every day is also pretty good.

5. Do not have study partners

If this happens to you, there is another method that can be a solution. For example, you can learn on your own and practice what you can in front of the mirror. Sounds crazy, but the effect is good to train the fluency and confidence that you have.

That is the difficulty in learning English which is often experienced. Avoid this when you are learning English. If you have enough free time, you try to take a course program, it’s better than studying alone.

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