Beginners Can Try These Tips To Buy New condominiums

There are so many points that must be considered when someone buys a condominium unit. For beginners, buying a condominium must pay attention to some things that should not be missed. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the Riviere condo too.

Well, for those of you who want to buy a condominium, here are some tips for buying a condominium unit for beginners, both for consumers or novice investors.

Strategic location

When you are going to buy a condominium unit, pay close attention to the location of the condominium unit. Of course, a condominium that has a strategic location will make it easier for you to access some public facilities such as transportation routes, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and so on. Well, adjust it to your work too, for example, if you are an employee, then the location the right thing is to be in an industrial area close to your workplace. However, if you are a student or student, then choose a condominium that is close to your university or school.

Look carefully at the purchase price

Tips on buying a condominium for beginners next is about the purchase price. The purchase price of several condominium units is of course very varied and differs from one another. The difference in purchase price depends on the location, view unit, floor location, and facilities.

Don’t Underestimate the Payment Problem

Problem payments that you will do also should not be underestimated. Paying for a condominium unit in cash can help you get more profit. Where you can get a discount of between 15% to 20%. Well, if you have insufficient finances, you can choose the method of payment in cash increments (installment). However, this payment method makes the maximum tenor given by the developer is only five years. This makes the nominal per month to be quite large.
Maintenance cost

Don’t forget to pay attention to the maintenance costs that you must spend each month. Adjust the maintenance costs with your monthly salary.

Developers with Guaranteed Reputations

Tips on buying a condominium for beginners that you should pay attention to are developers with a guaranteed reputation. This is very important because building an condominium requires a very complex procedure and permit.

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